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Worldres Site Security utilises a technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL encrypts your name, credit card number and expiry date before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone. You can be assured that your credit card details will remain completely confidential.

SSL is a set of rules followed by computers connected to the Internet. These rules include encryption, which guards against eavesdropping, Data integrity, which ensures that your communications are not tampered with during transmission and authentication, which verifies that the party who receives your communication are who they claim to be.

How Encryption Works:

There are two levels of encryption: 40-bit and 128-bit. With 40-bit encryption, there are billions of possible keys to decipher the coded information, and only one of them works. Someone intercepting the information would have to find the right key - a nearly impossible task.

With 128-bit encryption, there are 300 billion trillion times as many keys as with 40-bit encryption. It is virtually impossible for an unauthorized party to find the right key, even if they are equipped with the best computers.

WorldRes implements 128-bit encryption through our partner Verisign. This is currently the highest standard of security available on the Internet and ensures that any information, which you submit including your credit card details, will remain completely confidential.

WRI been processing online hostel reservations since 1999 and have always placed the security of our internet transactions and our customers credit card details as our top priority. We will continue to offer our customers the highest level of security available for online transactions and hope this reassures you when you make your reservations with us.

Why do I need to give WorldRes my credit card details?

Where a deposit is required in order to complete your booking, WorldRes requires your credit card details in order to debit your card with the indicated deposit amount. If a deposit is not required, then the hotel requires your credit card details in order to secure your room. This is a standard requirement and guarantees to the hotel that in the event of you not turning up or not cancelling on time, they may redeem part or all of the cost of your booking.

When you reach the booking page on our website you will notice two significant changes to your browser. Firstly, in your address bar the usual http situated before the URL is replaced by https, this is informing you that you have reached a secure area of the site and your sensitive information is safe.

Additionally, you will also observe a closed padlock on the bottom right of the screen, this is just another assurance of your security.

At WorldRes all of the information that you provide us with is protected and will never be passed onto a third party.

Paying by Credit Card On The Internet:

WorldRes recommends that you keep up to date with the latest browsers to ensure maximum security for your online transactions.